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Ruwala Resort, Nature and Adventure Park, Kalpitiya Sri Lanka: Green Hotel is a fusion of a rustic eco-retreat and adventure-park on the banks of the scenic Kalpitiya lagoon, located in the unexplored north-west coast of Sri Lanka, making it an unforgettable holiday getaway - especially for the adventurous and nature-loving visitor.

Nestled in the remote fishing village of Thihaliya, Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka, Ruwala Resort, Nature and Adventure Park spans 9 acres of coconut garden and is geared to provide a relaxing as well as an holiday experience for adults and children alike. Wake up to the orchestra of bird calls, the rushing wind, the sound of water lapping at the shore and the gentle rustling of Palmyra palms - all in tranquil surroundings. The journey from Colombo’s International Airport will take up to 2 ½ hrs and the coastal town of Kalpitiya is situated at the tip of the Kalpitiya peninsula 16 kms north of the resort. Wilpattu Park (Sri Lanka’s largest Wildlife Sanctuary), the historic city of Kandy and Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle can be accessed easily from Ruwala Resort, Nature and Adventure Park.

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Infinity Edge Pool with Jacuzzi and fibre optics

Wi Fi zones at Ruwala Resort. free of charge for our guests.

One Place... a Life Time of Memories

The resort is divided by a sand bank into two sections, the chalets, cottages, and main dining area at one end, and the camp-site and outdoor/adventure activities situated at the other end. The rooms and suites at the resort have a contemporary, yet ‘local’ feel, with a blend of earth-coloured walls and wide windows framing the magnificent views of the Kalpitiya lagoon and garden. The immediate environment consists of two distinct eco-systems – the lagoon, and the lush Mangrove forest containing several endemic species that is the breeding ground for crabs, prawns and a variety of fish. Several species of waders and other birds also nest in the branches, making it ideal for bird-watchers and nature-lovers in general. The gardens are scattered with Coconut and Palmyrah palms, as well as with several other indigenous dry-zone species of trees that attract a large variety of birds and butterflies. Nature-trails through the dense Mangroves add to the options with the added advantage of a secluded rustic summerhouse situated in the middle of the Mangroves to relax in. There is also a tree-house built on top of a Palmyrah palm from where there is a breathtaking view of the surrounding Kalpitiya lagoon and scenery beyond and around Kalpitiya.

Ruwala Resort, Nature and Adventure Park is an eco-friendly Green Hotel that was designed to cause minimal damage to the environment. Construction was carried out by local community from the surrounding villages of Kalpitiya, providing them with employment to up lift their living standards as a direct impact of tourism- even the wooden light-fixtures are hand-made by carpenters of the local community. The staff (with the exception of the management) is also from the local community and was trained in-situ. Other projects for the betterment of the local community include donating fishermen with free passage to the Kalpitiya lagoon, providing drinking-water wells to the villagers and creating a suitable environment to encourage local arts and crafts. Hotel operations implement as much as possible green Concepts; Separation and re-cycling of non biodegradable waste. Kitchen waste is used for composting and as animal feed. Organic compost is used for the cultivation of organic fruits and vegetables. Re- planting mangroves in the banks of the lagoon and re-forestation to maintain a balance in the eco system. Use of Solar Power wherever possible, Rain water harvesting etc. Projects for the future include ´Green Energy´ for hotel operations.