Sea Based Activities

From October to April (Calm seas)

Dolphin-and-Whale-watching Snorkelling Diving Catamaran

Dolphin and Whale watching: The coast off Kalpitiya is famed for being one of the best places to catch some captivating glimpses of ocean creatures in their natural habitat. Schools of dolphins – literally thousands, can be spotted in the ocean off Kalpitiya and venturing further out to sea you can also spot Blue Whales and even Orcas.

Snorkelling: The Bar Reef at Kalpitiya is home to one of the most diverse of coral reefs in Sri Lanka, offering truly awesome sights of spectacular marine life for both amateurs and professional divers.

Deep Sea fishing: The pleasure of reeling in a fair catch off the Indian Ocean awaits keen anglers and novices alike.

Diving: An activity limited to qualified divers on producing a valid licence, we require 8 hrs notice to reserve the equipment. Qualified female divers are available to assist ladies, if necessary.

Catamaran Cruise: We are proud to own the only Catamaran in Sri Lanka. CeyWave – a special 43ft custom built catamaran is a floating adventure centre which can hold 20 guests plus three crew members.

Ceywave is specially modified for diving with a launch platform, storage for tanks, showers etc as well as four cameras for added security. It is also ideal for Dolphin/Whale watching with plenty of seating and deck space – lots of storage and a BBQ grill as an added luxury. The main cabin is air-conditioned and equipped with a bathroom and kitchen too. All requisite safety features are in place and the crew are all certified, fully trained professionals.

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